Gocce di Verde – Tuscany’s Green Artisans

Gocce di Verde – Tuscany’s Green Artisans

Gocce di Verde Cervia Città Giardino - Maggio in Fiore 2018

GOCCE DI VERDE – Tuscany’s Green Artisans – Livorno


The third time. Sports as energy, movement, power but also lifestyle, team play, moment of socialization. From these principles begins the preparation of Gocce di Verde dedicated to sport and in particular to “the third time”, practice born from rugby as a moment of socialization after match between players and supporters of opposing teams.

Garish colours draw … some of the sports which are practiced all over the world while, at the center of the flowerbed, five cubes recall the social character of the sport through numerous hashtags linked to symbolic keywords. The vibrant shades of flowers and the elegance of the gravel draw waves that from the centre branch out to the outside of the flowerbed and ideally along the streets of the city, as a small tribute to the sport between environment and nature. #savethefuturebegreen

Gocce di Verde H 06