Ostalbkreis H 08


Province twinned with the Province of Ravenna

ROTONDA 1° MAGGIO – Milano Marittima

The district of Ostalbkreis, located in the German region of Baden-Württemberg, comes back in Cervia with a modern and stylized representation of the partnership which connect 9 municipalities and the province of Ravenna with as many German cities.

The last twinning, between Cervia and Aalen, the largest city of the Ostalbkres  district with almost 70.000 citizens, dates back to 2011.

The friendship between the municipalities of Cervia and Aaleen was built gradually, in the context of relations between the province of Ravenna and the German province of Ostalb, twinned since 1992. During these years, the relationship between the two provinces has favored the promotion of the territory of Ravenna in Germany and it  has also promoted the creation of new boundaries of friendship among different Italian and German municipalities.

Cervia is the ninth municipality in the province of Ravenna to be twinned with the cities in the province of Ravenna (others are Bagnacavallo and Neresheim, Bagnara and Adelmannsfelden, Casola Valsenio and Bartholomä, Castel Bolognese and Abtsgmünd, Cotignola and Hüttlingen, Faenza and Schwäbisch Gmund, Solapur and Kirchheim am Ries, Russi and Bopfingen

The garden was created by the employees of the county Ostalbkreis and demonstrates high productivity, innovative capacity of business enterprises of the region. The company Erlau AG of Aalen and the provincial administration of Ostalbkreis offer visitors training equipments and some benches with impressed the most representative images of German cities.

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