Stoccarda Cervia Città Giardino - Maggio in Fiore 2018



This year the Piazzale dei Salinari is renewed thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Stuttgart. The city, regional capital of Baden-Württemberg, in the south-west Germany, always present at the event, wanted to pay tribute to the great friendship which connect them to our territory.

The company Servizio Verdi projected the entire area, creating a refined paving in the stone from their quarries and used in parks and gardens of Stuttgart.

During the last February, a group of young apprentices, trained in the local gardening schools, with expert gardeners  of the municipaliy of Stuttgart, create an elegant parterre, alternating slabs and cubes of different colours, from light yellow to ocher.

Now the garden is entirely open on 3 sides and through a slight ramp, is accessible to everyone who want to see this garden space during the summer.

The plantation of blooms in yellow and black symbolizes the colors of the emblem of the regional capital: a black horse in the yellow gold background.

Stoccarda G 05