Cervia Garden City - 49th Edition

"Dante and the Gardens of Heaven"

In 2021, Cervia Città Giardino, ‘the largest open-air floral art exhibition in Europe’, is dedicated to the Divine Comedy, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri.

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cervia garden city dante
cervia garden city dante

Cervia Città Giardino 2021 becomes part of the network Viva Dante – Ravenna 2020/2021

The soul of Cervia Città Giardino, Europe’s largest open-air floral art exhibition, has always been to use flowers to launch a message of joy and hope. Flowers are symbols of peace and friendship among peoples, a bridge that unites and leads to rebirth.

This message of hope continues this year thanks to “Dante and the gardens of Eden“, a project conceived and coordinated by Flavia Mazzoni, Head of the Green Service of the Municipality of Cervia. The “open air” route, inspired by the book “Flowers, herbs and the forest in the Divine Comedy” by Carmelita D’Onofrio Flocco, crosses the woods and beautiful gardens spread over Milano Marittima, Cervia, Pinarella and Tagliata, edited by Green Service of the Municipality of Cervia.

An “open air” itinerary across the woods and the beautiful gardens of the Garden City, to discover the vegetal world imagined by Dante in his poem, which winds its way through a spectacular parallel universe, exploring the peculiar, interesting, rich vegetation which was the background to the literary work of the supreme poet, and who has passed on to us his knowledge of vegetation, botany and flowers.

It is thanks to the creativity of Argentinean artist Oscar Dominguez and his sculptures that appropriate both physically and metaphorically the places, that a close dialogue with the surrounding space is undertaken. The theme of the balance between heaven and earth, between emptiness and fullness, makes these installations light and integrates them perfectly into the environment in which they are placed.

In some of the scenes, the artist blends his creativity with that of Cervia’s elementary school children, who use modest materials and a lot of imagination to create a fantastic, dreamlike atmosphere, rich in colors and shapes.

Moreover, a series of artists who are friends of Cervia are completing the installations with their particular interpretations of Dante’s world.

Being in harmony with others is the supreme beauty of life, like a beautiful flower.

Daisaku Ikeda

The Largest Open Air Floral Art Exhibition in Europe

The event involves every year over 60 participants including institutions, schools, various types of organizations, especially European cities that compete in friendly green architecture competitions to offer the best and most stunning work that can be created with plants and flowers.

In 2020, due to the health emergency, it was not possible to host the masters of gardening of 60 and more Italian and foreign delegations who should have met in Cervia, a city of hospitality and integration.

Despite the difficult period that we experienced last year and that we are still experiencing in 2021, the municipal administration has given continuity to the event this year again.

The green in Cervia does not stop, thanks also to the cities, companies and associations that are friends of Cervia and that this year again contributed to the realization of the event, and that continue to believe in this extraordinary event. 

In these days, among the trees and on the lawns, installations of the project ‘Dante and the Gardens of Eden’ are starting to come to life, through the work of the artist Oscar Dominguez.

The description of each installation is included in a panel placed in the green space in which Dante’s face is represented, painted by the street artist Andrea Ravo Mattoni.

The face depicts his personal reinterpretation of Sandro Botticelli’s painting that was exhibited behind the glass window of the cloister of the Oriani Library in Ravenna, facing the tomb of the Supreme Poet, as part of the 5th edition of the project “Dante Plus 700 Collective Exhibition on the face of Dante” realized by Bonobolabo, in partnership with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ravenna.

The project is part of the Viva Dante 2021 calendar, organized by the Municipality of Ravenna, of which the main events are sponsored by the National Committee for the VII centenary of Dante Alighieri’s death.

+350,000 Plants, Shrubs and Flowers

Planted Every Year in Flower Beds and Gardens

+60 Cities, Organizations and Companies

Design and create new gardens

+12 countries from all over the world

Meet in Cervia at every edition

An event that unites flowers, people, nature and cultures

Much more than beauty: these are all the values on which Cervia Città Giardino is founded

Enhancement of the Urban Environment

In order to make cities more beautiful, clean and liveable.

The Land that unites Cultures

There are many languages, values and beliefs. But the language of the land is common to every people.

Safeguard of Flora and Fauna

Still, in many corners of the cities or on the edges of them, there are spaces where nature is free to thrive. Safeguarding these spaces is fundamental for the common good of each of us.

Green Spaces, Meeting Spaces

Since the dawn of time, communities have met in the shade of trees, to enjoy the environment together and collaborate for a better existence.

A city that is reborn every year. Starting with gardens.

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The "Rebirth" Exhibition

In July 2019, a whirlwind destroyed about 30 hectares of our pine forest. Since May 2020, this green heritage of the Community has been made available again. “Rebirth” is the open air photographic exhibition that testifies how nature and man, when they come together, can face any adversity.