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Cervia Garden City - 52nd Edition

Environment, Sport, Education

Discover the new edition of the largest open-air floral art exhibition in Europe

cervia città giardino
cervia città giardino
cervia città giardino
cervia città giardino

Cervia, Garden City, ambassador of Rights: opens on May 28th the 52nd edition of Europe's largest open-air floral art exhibition

The 52nd edition of Cervia Garden City opens its doors on May 28th, inaugurating an exciting celebration of Rights and Sports. This year, Cervia transforms into an explosion of colors and scents, thanks to the dedication of over sixty teams of gardeners, both Italian and from foreign countries, who turn the city into an outdoor floral masterpiece, promoting values of environmental respect, solidarity, and peace.

The opening ceremony will have the privilege of welcoming Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, as Guest of Honor.

But that’s not all! This year, Cervia not only celebrates floral beauty but also prepares to host important international sports events. Among these, the prestigious Tour de France, which for the first time in history will start from Italy and will make a stop in Cervia on June 30, 2024. Furthermore, the Italian Open will be held from June 27th to 30th, 2024, at the Adriatic Golf Club in Cervia, and the Ironman Italy Emilia-Romagna in September.

Before the official opening of the exhibition, Milano Marittima will host MiMa in Fiore, a lively floral market exhibition that will pay tribute to nature with a colorful festival on May 25th and 26th.

The opening of Cervia Garden City is scheduled for May 28th at 3:30 PM at the evocative Rotonda della Pace in Cervia. The floral exhibition will be open until September.

A rich program of side events will accompany the summer in Cervia, offering engaging experiences for adults and children. Among the planned initiatives are the Rights Festival at Parco Lento in the pine forest of Pinarella and Tagliata, guided tours in the charming Bosco del Duca d’Altemps, explorations of the botanical garden of forgotten fruits, meditative walks in the greenery, and an engaging urban beekeeping journey, featuring honey extraction workshops and the possibility of adopting beehives.

Being in harmony with others is the supreme beauty of life, it is like a wonderful flower.

Daisaku Ikeda

Cardinal Zuppi guest of honor in Cervia Città Giardino.
Also present the Ukrainian city of Ternopil.

Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi will be the guest of honor at the opening ceremony of Cervia Garden City, on Tuesday, May 28th, to bring together and thank all the Italian and foreign cities participating in the traditional event, now in its 52nd edition. The Archbishop of Bologna and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference enthusiastically accepted the invitation from Mayor Massimo Medri.

The inaugural event of the 52nd edition will take place on Viale Roma, near the Rotonda della Pace.

The spotlight will be on “RIGHTS: Environment, Sports, Education” themes linked by a common thread summarized in RESPECT: respect for people, respect for nature, respect for well-being, respect for society. Cardinal Zuppi’s presence will be a significant asset in delivering a message of peace and solidarity.

At the Cervia Garden City event, which annually attracts over 60 Italian and foreign entities, the Ukrainian city of Ternopil will once again be represented, symbolizing the entire nation.

cervia città giardino, cardinal zuppi

Cardinal Zuppi and The Mayor of the Municipality of Cervia Massimo Medri

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An event that unites flowers, people, nature and cultures

Much more than beauty: these are all the values on which Cervia Città Giardino is founded

Enhancement of the Urban Environment

In order to make cities more beautiful, clean and liveable.

The Land that unites Cultures

There are many languages, values and beliefs. But the language of the land is common to every people.

The safeguard of Flora and Fauna

Still, in many corners of the cities or on the edges of them, there are spaces where nature is free to thrive. Safeguarding these spaces is fundamental for the common good of each of us.

Green Spaces, Meeting Spaces

Since the dawn of time, communities have met in the shade of trees, to enjoy the environment together and collaborate for a better existence.

The Largest Open Air Floral Art Exhibition in Europe

Cervia Città Giardino is the largest open-air floral art exhibition in Europe, a reference point for architects and green technicians from all over Europe. Born from an idea of ​​Germano Todoli and carried out by his son Riccardo, the exhibition, born in the early 1970s, has taken on an international character.

In recent years, over 60 teams of gardeners representing Italian and foreign cities, companies, organizations, schools and associations have arrived in Cervia to decorate the most beautiful spaces in the area for the tourist season.

The work of this international team has given life to an open-air exhibition, which can be used at any time of the day from May to September, until the change of the following spring, when the new floral look of the city is fine-tuned.

This is an exhibition spread over public areas throughout the Cervia area. Over the years, technicians, experts and master gardeners from Italy, Europe and the world have transformed flower beds and gardens into real works of art, experimenting with unique techniques and floral innovations, creating an opportunity for comparison and exchange of creativity. , methods of intervention, methods and innovations in the management of public and private green areas.

Over 350,000 flower plants and thousands of square meters of turf, sculptures, exciting expressions and compositions, figures and geometries, original gardens and incredible floral arrangements, carefully cared for by the Green Service of the Municipality of Cervia, throughout the summer, which they can be admired while walking around the city.

In the last two years due to the health emergency it has not been possible to host in Cervia the green masters of the over 60 Italian and foreign delegations, a city of welcome and integration. Despite the difficult moment, the municipal administration did not want to interrupt the event, managing to carry it out even with a strong commitment on the part of the internal workers.

+350.000 Plants, Shrubs And Flowers

Planted Every Year In Flower Beds And Gardens

+60 Cities, Organizations And Companies

Design And Create New Gardens

+12 Countries From All Over The World

Meet In Cervia At Every Edition

A city that is reborn every year. Starting with gardens.

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