Cervia Garden City

The Largest Outdoor Floral Art Festival in Europe

Every year from May to September in Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata

CONFERENCE: “The Beauty of Living in an Urban Forest"

Ecosystem Services, Landscape Protection and Promotion, Climate Change, Communication and Environmental Education.

Watch the full recordings of the conference broadcasted in live streaming in Italian and English on the 30th of October 2020.

cervia città giardino

In 2020 the gardens shine with the colors of the Rainbow, a symbol of rebirth and hope!

The largest open-air floral art exhibition in Europe will continue this year to make Cervia a flowered city, unique for beauty, its hospitality and its care for greenery.

This 48th edition is obviously be a bit special, but we did not want to interrupt the continuity that has characterized our town for years for the fantasy and originality of the floral compositions.

The cities, institutions and companies that had been invited unfortunately have not been able to be present to make the preparations. However many have made themselves available to collaborate by offering flowers and plants, through the nurserymen of the area and the producers of other areas, a testimony of great sensitivity and love for Cervia.

Being in harmony with others is the supreme beauty of life, like a beautiful flower.

Daisaku Ikeda

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An event that unites flowers, people, nature and cultures

Much more than beauty: these are all the values on which Cervia Città Giardino is founded

Enhancement of the Urban Environment

In order to make cities more beautiful, clean and liveable.

The Land that unites Cultures

There are many languages, values and beliefs. But the language of the land is common to every people.

Safeguard of Flora and Fauna

Still, in many corners of the cities or on the edges of them, there are spaces where nature is free to thrive. Safeguarding these spaces is fundamental for the common good of each of us.

Green Spaces, Meeting Spaces

Since the dawn of time, communities have met in the shade of trees, to enjoy the environment together and collaborate for a better existence.

The Largest Open Air Floral Art Exhibition in Europe

The event involves every year over 60 participants including institutions, schools, various types of realities, especially European cities that compete in friendly green architecture competitions to offer the best and most stunning masterpieces that can be created with plants and flowers.

All this leads to a very articulated open-air exhibition, available at any time of the day from May to September, until the following spring when the new floral look of the city is developed. It is an open air exhibition spread over the public areas of Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata that pleasantly characterizes the city and landscape.

Technicians, experts and master gardeners from countries such as Austria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Switzerland, United States of America, Canada and Hungary, meet every year in Cervia to transform the flower beds and gardens into real works of art, to experiment with unique techniques and floral innovations, creating an opportunity for comparison and exchange of creativity, methods of intervention and methods and innovations in the management of public and private green areas.

Every year thousands of square meters of turf are reborn, tegether with sculptures, exciting compositions, figures and geometries, original gardens and incredible floral arrangements. All of them carefully cared for by the Green Service of the Municipality of Cervia throughout the summer, so that they can be fully admired while walking around the city.

+350,000 Plants, Shrubs and Flowers

Planted Every Year in Flower Beds and Gardens

+60 Cities, Organizations and Companies

Design and create new gardens

+12 countries from all over the world

Meet in Cervia at every edition

A city that is reborn every year. Starting with gardens.

Honors and Awards

Friends and Partners of Cervia Garden City

The "Rebirth" Exhibition

In July 2019, a whirlwind destroyed about 30 hectares of our pine forest. Since May 2020, this green heritage of the Community has been made available again. “Rebirth” is the open air photographic exhibition that testifies how nature and man, when they come together, can face any adversity.