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48° Edition Cervia Garden City

The green heart of the city keeps on beating

“To be in harmony with others is the supreme beauty of life, like a marvellous flower.”
Daisaku Ikeda

Even this year the gardens shine with the colors of the Rainbow, symbol of rebirth and hope.

The largest open-air floral art exhibition in Europe will continue this year to make Cervia a flowery and unique city for its beauty, hospitality and care for greenery.

This 48th edition will obviously be a bit unusual, but we did not want to interrupt the continuity that has been characterizing our town for years for the fantasy and originality of the floral compositions.

The cities, bodies and participating companies that have been invited, unfortunately, will not be able to attend the preparations, however many have made themselves available to collaborate by offering flowers and plants, through the nurserymen of the area and producers from other areas, a testimony of great sensitivity and love for Cervia.

The Green Service is therefore taking steps, a little at a time, to fully restore all the 60 gardens created by the participants of last year’s edition, which was dedicated to Riccardo Todoli, and to position information panels not only about the typology of the floral-works, but also to enhance the initiative from the point of view of bonds, collaborations and human relationships.

In particular, in each place there will be a sign with a QRcode which refers to the website of “Cervia Città Giardino”, where it will be possible to read the description and get a lot of other information about the reference garden.

In addition, the Municipality has decided to organize “Flowery corners” an initiative that involves the whole community until the 30th of June. An invitation to contribute, each as he/she sees fit, to decorate and color the balcony, the garden, a corner of the house, a space of his/her own business with flowers and report it to the Municipality, which will take photos and will publish them on the website Garden City and on the social networks.

In Treffz park in Milano Marittima, a garden with a beautiful rose with red and yellow flowers, donated by Mondo Verde Garden, will remember Cervia’s friend Adriana Spazzoli. A great supporter of Cervia City Garden event, she disappeared last year together with her husband Giorgio Squinzi, a famous entrepreneur and also president of Confindustria. For years they have been together at the head of the Mapei company. They met when they were young in Milano Marittima to which they always remained bound.

The program will also be enriched by other events related to the pinewood that is being reborn after the grave wound of last July.

An outdoor photographic exhibition about the “Rebirth of the Pinewood”, 35 photos by Manuela Guarnieri of the MUSA Cervia Photographic Group. The exhibition will be located in three places in the pinewood which was devastated by the sea trumpet of the 10th July 2019 and will testify the rebirth of the great green heritage that has now returned and can be used.

Futhermore, the following will be remembered: the first tree planted after the sea trumpet donated by Comuni Fioriti, which confers to Cervia the title of “Municipality in Bloom Quality Mark”; trees donated by Lions Cervia Ad Novas planted in Piazzale Genova.

The Mayor Massimo Medri and the Green Delegate Patrizia Petrucci have declared:

“The soul of ‘Cervia Garden City’ has always been to send a message of joy and hope with flowers. Flowers are synonymous with peace and friendship between peoples. Unfortunately, this year it was not possible to host the masters of greenery, coming from different countries and to meet together in Cervia, a city of hospitality and integration. That is exactly why, even in a difficult moment like this, we did not want to stop the event, even if we thought to organize it in a different way. This has been possible thanks to the many cities, associations, green companies that have shown us affection and friendship, giving us plants and flowers to keep the tradition of “May in Bloom” alive and that we thank with our heart. We also decided to suggest the whole community an initiative that we called “Flowery corners”, to sensitize the people of Cervia to decorate their balconies, gardens, and spaces they deem appropriate, to give a signal that our city looks ahead and can reborn, just as our pinewood is being reborn after the severe wound of last July. This is why this year Garden City will have as its theme “the rainbow”, the explosion of colors that flourish after the darkness of the storm and that represent a bridge that unites us as a symbol of hope and rebirth”.

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The Green History of a City

The environment is unique. Among the pinewood, the sea and the salt pans, the territory of Cervia lives on with always bright colours and intoxicating scents, offering countless opportunities to live in contact with nature.

In this environment stands out an international event that every year renews the green dress of the town. Cervia Garden City May in Bloom was born from a Germano Todoli’s idea in the early seventies and carried out by his son Riccardo and today it has taken on an international character of the highest level and has become the largest open-air floral art exhibition in Europe as well as an international reference point for architects and technicians of the green.

The event immediately focused its attention on a very important theme and for the period very advanced, namely care and protection of the environment.


A Festival That Unites People

The event involves every year more than 60 participants including institutions, schools, realities of various kinds, especially European cities that compete in the architecture of greenery to offer the best and most stunning that can be created with plants and flowers.

The event, which for years has gone beyond Europe’s borders, will also be able to count on the participation of Lewes, an American city of Delaware and Castlegar, a Canadian city of British Columbia, alongside the Canadian association “Communities in Bloom”, which every year organises the “International Challenge” competition, which includes representatives from all over the world.

The event, which for years has gone beyond Europe’s borders, will also be able to count on the participation of Lewes, an American city of Delaware and Castlegar, a Canadian city of British Columbia, alongside the Canadian association “Communities in Bloom”, which every year organises the “International Challenge” competition, which includes representatives from all over the world.

Technicians, experts and master gardeners from 12 countries that are Austria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Switzerland, the United States of America and Hungary meet in Cervia to transform flowerbeds and gardens into true works of art, to experiment with unique techniques and floral innovations, creating an opportunity for discussion and exchange of creativity, ways of intervention, methods and innovations in the management of public and private greenery.

Over 350,000 plants of flowers and thousands of square meters of turf, sculptures, expressions and exciting compositions, figures and geometries, original gardens and incredible floral arrangements, carefully curated by the Green Service throughout the summertime, which can be admired walking through the town.