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GOCCE DI VERDE – Tuscany’s Green Artisans – Livorno

in collaboration with Mondo Verde Garden (Cervia)


Give me a smelly dawn garden of beautiful flowers  where I can walk undisturbed”

With this phrase, the creation dedicated to Riccardo Todoli and his great green heart blossoms in a brief journey through his passions. In the Gocce di Verde garden on one hand lies the countryside, with its wine, roses and garden plants and, on the other, the Riviera, where a sailboat made of sea wood sails between white and blue waves.

At the centre of a large flower, whose petals have been designed with multicolored essences, a tamarisk shrub recalls of Riccardo’s tenacious and rustic character, as well as the friendship between the “Green craftswomen” and the captain of “May in Bloom”. In collaboration with MondoVerde Garden – Cervia.