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PARCO TREFFZ  – Milano Marittima

The Park was created after 2000, replacing a long strip of land where there were domestic and maritime pines, which in 1999 fell or were precarious due to adverse weather conditions. The one who was appointed to give new life to the green area was Mario Cesare Rotella, former director of public gardens in La Spezia and later a freelance landscape architect.

He decided to move the surface with boulders, river cobblestone paths and bridges of Japanese inspiration. In later stages, a pergola with benches and an area with sand dunes were added as a connection to the beach. This area is covered with various species of sedum that cover boulders and natural recesses of stones, grasses such as Carex, Pennisetum, Stipa, Miscanthus, Scirpus, Opuntie, botanical. A flowery expanse of Carpobrotus colors the part of the dune protected from the winds.