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Lewes – Delaware USA


Winner of the prestigious International challenge “Communities in Bloom” in its population category in 2018, Lewes is proud to be the first city in the United States to exhibit in Cervia.

The garden is designed by Warren Golde with the shape of the state of Delaware and is decorated in the colors of the state: blue and gold. Throughout the garden there are references to the symbols of the state: the Blue Hen of Delaware, the Ladybird, the Papilio Rutulus and the Trout. Like Cervia, Lewes is a seaside resort where the beach meets the sea and the bay of Delaware meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Agerato, Petunie, Salvie that recall the blue color of the sea and of the hen have been used. Bidens, Helianthus “Sunfinity”, Carex Morrowii “Evergold” for the yellow of the sand.