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“The Beauty of Living in an Urban Forest

Ecosystem Services, Landscape Protection and Promotion, Climate Change, Communication and Environmental Education. Watch the full recordings of the conference broadcasted in live streaming in Italian and English on the 30th of October 2020.

The conference will be moderated by Roberto Diolaiti, President of the Public Gardens.

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Opening and Speech of the Mayor Massimo Medri

Official start of the conference and opening of the Mayor of Cervia, Mr. Massimo Medri

1st Session

  • “Effects of urban forests on urban micro- and meso-climate” – Teodoro Georgiadis, Head Researcher at the CNR Biometeorology Institute of
  • The Adriadapt Project – Climate adaptation of the Adriatic Sea towns. Developing local know-how – Margaretha Breil, Project Manager, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change
  • “Resilience and antifragility in urban systems: territorial planning to face climate change. The commitment of Cervia’s City Council” – Daniele Capitani, Territory Management and Planning, Cervia City Council.

2nd Session

  • “The Earth Rescued by Trees. But trees are going to save us first” – Francesco Ferrini, Professor of General Arboriculture and Agroforestry, University of Florence
  • “Between nature, culture and identity: the value of tree anthropization” – Giovanni Morelli, Professor at the University of Venice, Landscape Architecture Master Degree
  • “Landscape Architecture and communication” – Novella Cappelletti, Director of Paysage magazine
  • “The 4.5 million- new tree P roject, Emilia Romagna’s green corridor” – Irene Priolo, Councillor for the Environment of the Emilia-Romagna region

3rd Session

  • “Equilibrium. Project responsibility between nature and artifice” – Alfonso Femia, Studio Atelier(s) Genua-Milan-Paris
  • “Innovative use of ecosystem services in river delta areas. The Po Delta experience as part of the Delta Lady project” – Maria Pia Pagliarusco, Director of the Po Delta Parks and Biodiversity Agency
  • “Urban Forests: nature-based solutions in support of the environment and communities” – Fabio Salbitano, Professor of Forestry, Landscape Ecology, Management and Recovery of Forest Surroundings, University of Florence

4th Session

  • “Environmental education and citizen science: a challenge for future change” – Elisa Pellegrini, Professor at the University of Pisa, Master Degree in Design and Management of Urban Green Spaces and Landscaping, Department of Agriculture, Food and Agro-Environmental Sciences
  • “The landscape of coastal pinewoods: bio-diversity protection and fruition” – Commander Giovanni Nobili, Head of Biodiversity Department of the Carabinieri Corps in Punta Marina
  • “Protection and promotion of Ravenna’s historic pinewood between nature and culture” – Massimiliano Costa, Director of projects for environmental promotion and protection, Ravenna City Council
  • Conclusions – Roberto Diolaiti, President of Public Gardens and member of the Italian Committee for Public Green Spaces
  • Closing remarks – Patrizia Petrucci, Head Delegate in charge of green areas, town of Cervia

Cervia looks to the future: how to turn difficulties into opportunities

Presented at the “Vivi il Verde 2020” virtual event

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