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ROTONDA CADORNA – Milano Marittima
PARCO TREFFZ – Milano Marittima

Mapei has been a world leader in building chemicals for over eighty years. The sense of collaboration between an innovative company like Mapei and Cervia Garden City –  May in Bloom event is also one of the most fascinating challenges: combining technology and environment to improve people’s quality of life. The values expressed by Mapei are the same that have always animated the exhibition: thinking  big and expanding without losing the characteristics of humanity; knowing how to adapt in a world that is constantly changing; taking on precise responsabilities that are at the same time ethical, scientific and cultural to be truly credible. Cervia Garden City – May in Bloom and Mapei share the same vision that favours harmony among man, the environment and building spaces. The collaboration with such an innovative company in the global scenario shows that it is always possible to support a conscious development: less waste of resources, better efficiency, maximum quality.

The “dry garden” of the Cadorna Roundabout, now stable, is an example of the feasibility of this choice and of the relationship that has lasted since 2006 between Mapei and Cervia Garden City. In the area several varieties of Agave get on well with specimens of Chamærops Humilis and Trachycarpus fortunei. A panel dedicated to solutions for the creation of urban surfaces has been positioned here: MAPEI COLOR PAVING and MAPECOAT TNS FAST TRACK. MAPEI COLOR PAVING is the system for the realization of architectural concrete floors with exposed gravel resistant to loads and durable. The floors made with MAPEI COLOR PAVING are fully customizable in the choice of aggregate, depth of exposure, colors and joints and therefore perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment.

MAPECOAT TNS FAST TRACK, on the other hand, is the resistant resin system for the creation of cycle paths on all types of support.

The other garden created in collaboration with Mapei is the Treffz Park, designed with typical Mediterranean essences, large shrubs, high bamboo wings in which river pebbles and many cover plants, including dry-strength ferns, are formed. Some beautiful red and yellow roses planted in previous installations have bloomed.