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MARANELLO – Provincia di Modena

ROTONDA 1° MAGGIO – Milano Marittima      

This year’s Municipality of Maranello‘s creation focuses on a Ferrari mannequin par excellence: the GTO 250, which stands for “Gran Turismo Omologata”. It is to be considered the most famous model in the world.

In the background, between a border made up of bamboo, yews, Japanese maples, lonicere, hoste, ophiopogon, stands a landscape of the hills of Maranella, where the rainbow caresses the castle Calcagnini. The rainbow, in addition to connecting earth and sky, is also a symbol of peace. Colored drops, that fall to the ground, complete and form the flowerbeds made up of Sunpatiens, Marigolds, Verbena, Agerati and Surfinie.