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The city, regional capital of Baden-Württemberg, in the South-West of Germany, always present at the event, wanted to bring a symbol of the great friendship that binds it to our territory: the Dahlie.

The Killesberg Park of Stuttgart is home to one of the richest collections of dahlias in Germany, with around 7,000 dahlias on a total area of 2,500 m². Every year, visitors of the park choose “Stuttgart’s most beautiful Dahlia” among the ever-growing varieties. Some of the winners were planted here in Cervia along with other interesting varieties such as “Killesberg”, “Stuttgart” or “Werner Roch”, named after the Stuttgart green space office’s head and long-time president of the German Association of Dahlias. A courageous choice of public green landscape architects as the dahlie will bloom in August and not in May.