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PRAGA – Czech Republic

PIAZZALE NAPOLI – Milano Marittima

This year’s exhibition is dedicated to the long work of Riccardo Todoli, who in 1996 relaunched the event by gathering gardeners from twinned towns or with relationships of friendship with Cervia to express through work in the gardens, their love for greenery and plants.

For many operators, plant management and the passion for plant cultivation is an important part of life. In addition to the tribute to the founder of this event, this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Prague Botanical Garden. So the design of the flowerbeds is inspired by plants and their vital Energy.

An imposing tree often comes from a small seed. Therefore the project uses flowerbeds combined with macro structures of fruits and tree seeds, Maple, Gledizia and Lime. Individual sculptures are placed on flowering pedestals, as in an exhibition. The predominant colors of red and orange symbolize the passion and enthusiasm of gardeners for plant cultivation.